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Tarnished Hollow is a brewery-in-planning from central Indiana, currently seeking a suitable location in northern Hamilton County (ideally Cicero or Noblesville) to launch and funding to forge the vision into a reality. Founded by entrepreneur and brewer Branden Holder, Tarnished Hollow is a celebration of the odd, unexplainable, fantastical, eerie, and uncanny elements from both fiction and reality, as well as our propensity as humans to weave myth, creativity, and imagination into the real world. Our branding utilizes skull imagery as an homage to Hamlet examining the skull of Yorick–a juxtaposition on the duality of life and death, the sum of human experience–albeit alongside the silhouette of the autumnal tree contained within to illustrate the various seasons of one’s life and the opportunity for creation and growth between the ‘bookends’ of birth and death.

In that spirit, Branden seeks to create beers that are unique, limited, and diverse, as a means of not only experimenting with a wide variety of styles and recipes to hone the brewing discipline, but as a way to stand out from the crowd and mutiny against the larger industry fads and marketing ploys that swarm social media feeds and stuff grocery store shelves.

So Surrender to the Surreal, Become an Urban Legend;
It’s Okay, We’re All Weirdos Here.

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